Shipping Policies

Hi everyone. This document will give you an estimated idea of shipping and our shipping policies. If you have any further questions, please email us at Please allow 24 hours for a response. 

**Please note: This is just a guideline. THESE ARE NOT SET IN STONE PRICES! Nerdartistry reserves the right to update or change shipping at any time. **

**Please note: Since Covid, the USPS has been overendated with more packages than they can handle. Shipping may take longer than normal. Please know this is out of our control. We can not control what happens to a package once it is picked up by the USPS. 

We calculate shipping based on yards not weight. 

**Please note: Bulkier fabrics like squish, minky and canvas take up a lot more room per yard. So shipping is going to reflect that. **

**If you are placing a bulk order of 10 or more yards of a bulkier fabric and would like an estimated shipping cost before you place your order, please email me with what you want to order and where it is being shipped to. Please allow 24 hours for a response. You can email us at 

**Please note: All vinyl is shipped rolled. I will not fold it to save on shipping. It will crease and ruin the vinyl. All vinyl starts at a medium box. **


USPS First Class $5.50

-Fits about 2 yards of non-bulky material

USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope $8.50 

-Fits about 5 yards of non-bulky material.

-Fits about 1 yards of bulky material.

USPS Flat Rate Medium Box $13.50

-Fits about 12 yards of non-bulky material.

-Fits about 3 yards of bulky material.

USPS Flat Rate Large Box $22.00

-Fits about 25 yards of non-bulky material.

-Fits about 6 yards of bulky material.

There is no exact science or calculation when it comes to fabric. We will halsey try and ship in the cheapest box possible. Refunds for shipping costs overages will be refunded if you are charged more than one dollar over the actual shipping cost. Due to PayPals new policies, if you pay with paypal and there is a shipping overage, you will be refunded via store credit. All other payments made with Klarna, Shopify credit or credit card will be monetarily refunded.

If for some reason you weren’t charged enough for shipping, I will send you a paypal invoice for the difference. I will not ship out your package until this is paid. Please make sure your email address is up to date.

Please note: Paypal orders: Due to the policies Paypal has, I can only ship to the address you have in Paypal. If your address is not correct in PayPal you MUST correct it in PayPal.

Buyer is responsible for the returned shipping cost! We will ONLY refund the shipping cost if there is a flaw in the fabric. 

We will not combine orders for any reason!

Retail & Pre-Order will be shipped separately and cannot be combined for any reason.



Our Pre-Order Fabrics, Pre-Order Hardware, and Retail items all have different turnaround times.  If your order contains items from more than one of these categories, you WILL BE charged a different shipping rate for the items in each category.  For Example: If you order 1 yard of pre-order fabric, 1 pre-order hardware item, and 1 retail item, you will be charged 3 separate shipping charges as these items have different turnaround times for shipping.