In House Bases


Premium Jennifer Lycra Knit: 82/18 Poly/Lycra 36"X60" 240 GSM ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: Sweatshirts, Lounge Wear, Jackets, and more!

If you like our Cotton Lycra, you'd simply adore our Premium Jennifer Lycra Knit. The two are extremely similar. Our Jennifer is one of the finest compression cloths possessing both optimal stretch and recovery. Created with Invista LYCRA®, Jennifer is a technical, full-coverage fabric that features Advance Moisture Management and Wicking finishes. This versatile 4-way stretch fabric is ideal for yoga pants, leggings, performance shorts, compression tops, and more. 

Premium Athletic Knit: 82/18 Poly/Spandex 36"X60" 240 GSM ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: Sweatshirts, Lounge Wear, Jackets, and more!

Our Premium Athletic Knit is designed for leisure and performance.  Engineered with anti-microbial properties and moisture-management technology. The dynamic 4-way stretch makes this versatile base perfect for all types of athletic clothing and everyday garments. Knitted from soft breathable fibers, this fabric will keep you cool in the spring and the summer, while also remaining completely machine washable and not fading! 


Hybrid Knit: 100% polyester 36"X60" 240 GSM ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: Everyday garments requiring a limited 4-way stretch (see specifics below), 

Our Hybrid Knit is designed for clothing, dresses, swimwear, jackets, and more!  Engineered with anti-microbial properties and waterproof technology. This versatile base is great for leggings, shirts, and everyday garments. NOTE: Our Hybrid is considered a very limited 4-way stretch. With full stretch horizontally, the vertical stretch is limited to about 10%. Please keep this in mind when choosing this base. If your projects require a true 4-way stretch, we highly recommend our Premium Athletic Knit or Swim.  


 Sweatshirt Fleece: 95/5 Spun Poly/ Spandex Terry Fleece 36"X60" 

End Uses: Sweatshirts, Lounge Wear, Jackets, and more!

With the perfect amount of stretch, our soft sweatshirt fleece features a terry forward-facing fabric and heavenly soft fleece backing. Perfect for loungewear, hoodies, sweat pants, and more!


Spun Hi Loft Tshirt Jersey: 100% Spun Polyester  36"X60" 200 GSM ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: 

Our Polyester High Loft T-Shirt Fabric is ideal for Dresses, T-shirts and other related applications where a quality, lightweight jersey fabric is needed. This material comes with a wicking finish for performance. The spun polyester in this fabric feels like a cotton, and is ideal for the high-end "beefy" athletic T-shirt.

Thick DBP: 100% polyester 36"60" 250 GSM 

Limited 4 way. Full stretch horizontal (left/right) about 20% vertical (up and down)

End Uses:This ultra soft jersey knit fabric is brushed on both sides and feels heavenly against the skin, with 4-way stretch (50% on the grain and 20% on the vertical) for comfort and ease. Perfect for gathered knit dresses and skirts, stylish tops, t-shirts, and even lightweight activewear.

Single Minky: 100% polyester 36"60" 265 GSM

End Uses:Our single Minky is perfect for apparel accents, blankets, throws, pillows, baby accessories, stuffed animals and more!

DSM Plush: 100% polyester 36"60" 300GSM

Our DSM Plush is a double sided Minky Fabric, perfect for blankets, apparel accents, throws, pillows, baby accessories, stuffed animals and more!


In House Woven:


Soft Woven: 65/35 Poly/Cotton  36"X60" 150 GSM (no stretch) ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: Our soft woven is an excellent alternative to our cotton woven. With a soft hand, and long lasting durability this fabric is an excellent choice for your apparel needs; wind and water resistance for applications including dresses, jackets, hiking shorts, cargo pants, windbreakers, and more. The best part, our soft woven is stain resistant!



Cotton Poly Twill : 65/35 Poly/Cotton  36"X60" 150 GSM (no stretch)

End Uses: Our in-house Twill is a popular fabric for a variety of applications, such as durable bags, purses, backpacks, aprons, and for non-apparel applications such as backpacks, futons, and seat cushion covers. 



Waterproof Canvas: 100% polyester 36"X63" 90 GSM

(no stretch) ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: Our WPC is a fantastic fabric for applications that require waterproofing. From bags, and strollers, to aprons and cushion covers. Our WPC has a DWR (durable water repellent) finish allowing a seamless layer of protection stopping liquids from seeping through in their tracks.



Satin: 100% polyester 36"X63" 90 GSM

(no stretch)

End Uses:  Smooth, silky with a soft hand and stunning sheen. Satin fabric is a great choice for jackets, linings, pajamas, dresses and tops.



Cordura HP: 100% polyester 36"X57" (no stretch) ( POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses:  CORDURA® HP fabric is a rugged heavy-duty fabric constructed using qualifying INVISTA textured polyester and a DWR. Common applications of CORDURA® HP fabric include backpacks, custom bags, luggage, equestrian and pet products, travel accessories, and outdoor gear.


Crepe De Chine: 100% polyester 36"X57" (no stretch) (POPULAR DEMAND)

End Uses: 

Polyester Crepe de Chine Fabric is luxuriously smooth with a feather-light weight and gorgeous drape. This material is crafted using a plain weave, whereby the warp and weft yarns are woven into a basic crisscross formation. Crepe de Chine Fabric is traditionally made from silk. When made from polyester, however, the fabric offers outstanding durability, insulation and wrinkle resistance. Craft elegant bridal and evening wear, as well as blouses, with our alluring collection of polyester crepe de chine.

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